Little Tables

Little Tables is The Big Table’s children’s ministry.

We place an enormous value on children and families at The Big Table and want to create safe, nurturing environments where children can experience the love of Jesus and, in time, enjoy salvation through Him. The times with kids are age-appropriate but include drawing, learning, singing and a little multi-media action along the way.

Our desire is to love, encourage and pray for our children at The Big Table and both teach and communicate through our actions towards them, the love that Jesus has for them. It is a desire also for them to see that God has a specific plan and purpose for their lives which includes the way in which they love and serve those around and beyond them. Our prayer is that they would enjoy Jesus, follow him, make disciples and cultivate a heart to serve Him with their lives.

Our children’s ministry has two main groups: Little Tables and Swifters. The former caters for children aged 3 up to Year Two while Swifters is geared to Years Three to Six.