Band of Sisters Walk to 5km Program

In 2012 we introduced the Band of Sisters…and then the Band of Brothers – in over six different ‘intakes’ through through 2012 and 2013, around 100 sisters and brothers signed up to see each other through to the goal of running 5km…in one hit. It’s back again: #BOS7  – the first Bands of 2014!

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The program combines walking and running intervals in a group setting. It doesn’t assume any level of fitness greater than perhaps an ability to run to the bus in desperation! The sessions will combine the physical workout alongside practical help on stretching, form/technique, pacing, gear selection and nutrition (and any other questions you ask along the way).


If you’re Facebook but not part of the BT RunClub group on Facebook, join up so you can get more information about the sessions and share the journey with those who have signed up for it!