Francina Cullen

Leadership Team

Marrying a Richmond supporter can be a tough road. Francina Cullen has not been daunted. A fine mother to three children, and wife of Simon, Francina has been following Jesus since she was a little tacker.

She was part of the community at DreamBuilders (formerly Swan City Church) for nearly two decades before heading east to pastor a church in Sydney with Simon. While at DreamBuilders, Francina served in many youth leadership roles including Youth Pastor for a number of years.

We're glad she's back west now as she is using the gifts that the Holy Spirit has placed in her to minister to and equip those at The Big Table.

Fiona Elliott

Leadership Team, Pastor - South Perth

Fiona is the youngest of three daughters born to missionary parents. She spoke Bengali until aged six - she can't remember a word of it now.

Fiona said 'yes' to Jesus at a Baptist Camp at Serpentine in 1989. It was then she made a firm commitment to follow Jesus: wherever, whenever, however. How that looks as an 12 year old changes as the years roll by, but Fi continues to discover her identity in a Saviour who loves her and calls her his daughter.

Fiona sings a lot. From around the time she first started talking...and most times after that! She's a secondary school teacher and plays a bunch of musical instruments, using these gifts alongside worship leading and singing over many years. Her thirst for Jesus and to equip and encourage the church took her to Vose Seminary (Theology) and Oxford Falls (School of Creative Arts).

Fiona is a Pastor of the Big Table and is a huge encourager, equipper and builder of the Big Table community.

She is wife to Simon and mummy to Molly (6) and Clover (2).

Simon Elliott

Leadership Team, Lead Pastor - South Perth

When Simon's mum told him that Jesus knew which sock went on which foot at the age of four, he had enough truth to follow after Him. Outside a cottage in Bathurst, Rottnest, Simon 'asked Jesus into his heart'. As the years have gone on, the good news of God's front-foot grace towards him in Jesus has grown, but the starting point hasn't: Simon is loved and known by God and has been invited into a relationship with His Son, Jesus.

A bi-vocational planter, Simon is a writer and designer for The Globe - a design and advertising company he founded in 1993. He planted The Big Table with his wife Fiona as part of a core group of ten in September 2010, compelled that Jesus wants to build his church through both multiplication and addition, and to enjoy a deeper relationship with His Father and those around us. Following Jesus, being shaped by His Word and sharing the Good News about Jesus through our ordinary lives are part of the call placed on each one of us following Jesus. It's the call to which we're seeking to be faithful at The Big Table.

Simon functions as Lead Pastor at The Big Table and has a desire to lead a network of Big Tables throughout Perth who are equipped to live out the good news of Jesus to the glory of God. He'll tell you that he has much maturing in Christ ahead and much humbling of heart, but he's grateful that it hasn't stopped Jesus inviting him to partner in sharing the Gospel.

He loves seeing people have a revelation that the Gospel is for them, and how they've been uniquely equipped to share the good news of Jesus by adding a missional impulse to 'their thing'.

Amidst a life of following Jesus, he is husband to Fiona, father to Molly and Clover, writes and designs a bit, runs and coaches a bit, grows vegetables and cooks a bit, sings and enjoys the occasional coffee. He is (very) slowly working through a Masters in Divinity at Regent College in Vancouver, BC (by correspondence).

Sarah Oliva

Leadership Team, Lead Pastor - Carlisle

Sarah began following Jesus on November 15, 1998. She was 19 years old when she met Jesus in an intimate and personal way. After seeking the truth for a long time, Sarah met Truth, personified.

She made The Big Table her community of faith because of the liberty she enjoys to discover her identity in Christ, to find encouragement to flourish and encourage others to flourish. Her biblical understanding of church, is of a body of believers who live for Jesus, not tradition, and seek to know Him and actively live as He calls us.

Sarah has been equipped to teach and encourage others to grow in the knowledge and understanding of His Word. Her strong pastoral giftings equip her to grow the body of Christ by nurturing others towards maturity in Christ. Coupled with years at Bible College, Sarah is in action and ready for action!

Sarah O is a good sort! A contagious spirit of excitement and enthusiasm for Jesus flows from her. She attributes this to two profound events in her life: meeting Jesus, being baptised and receiving the Holy Spirit, and marrying Tony!

With her husband Tony, they have two children: Grace and Pasquale. While part of stout band of Thermomix devotees, she’d likely prefer to be in a bus travelling around Australia, stopping for the occasional run as she went!

Tony Oliva

Leadership Team, Lead Pastor - Carlisle

Tony can name the exact moment he enjoyed the good news of Jesus for the very first time: 11:33pm, 16 March, 1990. It's a moment that continues to reverberate in his words, thoughts and actions, directing his present and future. Receiving Jesus' free gift of salvation and receiving the Holy Spirit is the most significant moment in Tony's life.

Tony has been gifted as an evangelist. He brings a growing desire to apply this gifting within the complementary leadership of The Big Table.

He loves seeing people set free; receiving the gospel, enjoying the Gospel and being connected with a maturing group of Jesus-followers who are on mission together. It is the relational intentionality towards Jesus and others that attracted Tony and his family to The Big Table community.

Tony is husband to Sarah and father to Grace (8) and Pasquale (5). He enjoys decent coffee, an occasional run, plenty of time on the river, and once met the Queen.

Our leadership

The Big Table Inc.

The Big Table Inc. is a registered association under the Associations Act of Western Australia. This incorporated body is governed by its Chairperson (Simon Elliott), Secretary (Jessica Radny), Treasurer (Shawn Espenlaub) and Members (Fiona Elliott, Simone Field, Heidi Cockram and Garrick Field.

The Big Table Council
In the initial phase of The Big Table, we were privileged to work with an oversight Council for the purpose of accountability, wisdom and direction. This Council was comprised by:
Simon Elliott, Pastor, The Big Table
Fiona Elliott, Pastor, The Big Table
Michael O’Neil, Director of Research; Head of Department of Christian Thought, Vose Seminary
Monica O’Neil, Director, Vose Leadership
Tim Healy, Acting Senior Pastor, Riverview Church
Allan Tranter, Director, Creating Communities
Kylie Dunjey, State Manager, Relationships Australia
Stephen McAlpine, Pastor, Providence Church – Midland
Neil Chisholm, Consultant at Global Development Group