Our leadership

Our Leadership Team:

Simon Elliott
Fiona Elliott
Francina Cullen
Simon Cullen
Sarah Oliva
Tony Oliva
Tom Maxwell
Garrick Field
Simone Field
Michael Blakemore
Natalee Blakemore

The Big Table Inc.

The Big Table Inc. is a registered association under the Associations Act of Western Australia. This incorporated body is governed by its Chairperson (Simon Elliott), Secretary (Jessica Radny), Treasurer (Shawn Espenlaub) and Members (Fiona Elliott, Simone Field, Heidi Cockram and Garrick Field.

The Big Table Council
In the initial phase of The Big Table, we were privileged to work with an oversight Council for the purpose of accountability, wisdom and direction. This Council was comprised by:
Simon Elliott, Pastor, The Big Table
Fiona Elliott, Pastor, The Big Table
Michael O’Neil, Director of Research; Head of Department of Christian Thought, Vose Seminary
Monica O’Neil, Director, Vose Leadership
Tim Healy, Acting Senior Pastor, Riverview Church
Allan Tranter, Director, Creating Communities
Kylie Dunjey, State Manager, Relationships Australia
Stephen McAlpine, Pastor, Providence Church – Midland
Neil Chisholm, Consultant at Global Development Group